Natural Health Care for Mental, Emotional and Physical Well-Being

Based on the suggestion of a blogger I follow, I am blogging for 31 days in the month of October.

31 Days of Blogging.

This is the schedule I have planned, although that could change at any time….  I reserve the right  to comment on stories that may appear in the news in the middle of the schedule.

Also, periodically, I will make remedy comments on famous people.  See my previous blog about Charlie Sheen to get an idea to what I am referring.

October 1st—Introduction to 31 days of blogging.

October 2 – 8th –- Homeopathy and Families

October 9 – 15th –  What Do You Think Of…..  This will answer questions that clients and students ask regarding some western medicine concept.

October 16 – 22nd – Homeopathy and traveling.

October 23 – 29th  –Natural Health and Diet

October 30 – 31st  Homeopathy isn’t Spooky.  But it can help with fears and anxiety and things that go bump in the night.

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See you on the Internet!




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