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What Can Homeopathy Do?

I am often asked exactly what homeopathy can do.  For a longer list, I recommend going to my website at and click on Can You Help Me.  Don’t click on any of the submenu items just yet.  By clicking on Can You Help Me, the website will display a list of categories of things that homeopathy has been known to assist with.

It isn’t very often that I can actually SHOW the effects of homeopathy.

A bad case of Lazy Eye--before

After he received the correct remedy, the eye improved rather drastically within 3 days or so and continued to improve regularly after subsequent doses of the remedy and after different remedies.

No surgery needed.  This is a good thing, because those surgeries don’t always work, in spite of their long history.

No More Lazy Eye--After Homeopathy

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  1. My husband had surgery on the muscles in his eyes to make them straight when he was little. When he was in the military (between 18 and 23 at some point) his eyes started crossing again (I don’t know if it was a lazy eye or not, but that’s what I’m guessing). The eye doctor gave him a weaker prescription for his contacts in the straight eye. That worked for a while. It has gotten worse and worse as time has gone on. He is 34 now. Can homeopothy help him at this point? What would you give him?

  2. Please go to There is one homeopath listed there in Reno. Based on his background, he seems like a good choice. I don’t know if that is too far for you or not. He may be able to make closer recommendations for you. Otherwise I can help you via Skype. I have a few clients that I work with that way.

    • I have emailed to see if he knows of anyone closer. Park City, UT and Phoenix, AZ are closer than Reno and there are homeopaths in those cities as well but they are still 6 hours from here. I will let you know what I find out.

  3. Reblogged this on Lotus Homeopathy: Health News You Can Use and commented:

    Just an update on this post from five years ago. The boy in these photos is a teenager. He has continued with homeopathy. His last two annual appointments showed no amblyopia at detectable. So his eyes have continued to improve over the years.

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