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High Potency Homeopathy and Injuries

Soccer can bring about hamstring and other injuries.

Two of my friends were hit by a car last weekend.  One is still in the hospital.  Another friend brought them some Arnica, which is the remedy for Trauma.  It was a 1M dose of Arnica.  It helped.  But it wasn’t strong enough.

That is always the tricky thing about using homeopathy.  When do you know if it is the wrong remedy and when do you know when to go to a different potency

In the case of my friends, I knew it needed to be higher just by virtue of the incident that caused the trauma.  You can’t be hit by a car while sitting on a sidewalk café and not need 10M Arnica.

But by helping out my friends, it occurred to me that perhaps my son also needed 10M Arnica for his most recent soccer injury.  His team was playing up in a soccer tournament last weekend (They won their bracket, by the way.) so it was 12 year olds versus 13 year olds, and very big 13 year olds on the opposition Blackhawk team, I might add.  He did a slide tackle and when he stood up, he realized that he had pulled his hamstring.  He limped over to the bench, which was fortunately nearby.  The trainer came over and confirmed what had happened.

This past week, he has been icing and bathing and taking Arnica—first 200C and then 1M.  It was helping.  But I felt like it could be helping more.  I knew the friends needed 10M Arnica, so why not my son?  It was unlikely to aggravate anything.  He isn’t particularly sensitive to this remedy. There was really no reason NOT to give him the stronger dose.  So I did.

A couple hours after giving him the 10M, he said he could definitely walk better than before the 10M.  He wondered if he should have another dose before bed.  I wondered if he was feeling worse again.  He wasn’t.  So we waited.  He woke up this morning and could lift his leg like he had been unable to do since the injury.  A miraculous recovery.  In case you don’t know, a hamstring pull includes tearing of muscle fibers.  They do heal, but it can take months.  Over and over again, my clients and I have both heard stories from doctors about how miraculous it is that they recovered so quickly using Arnica. This is from surgeries and injuries. Studies bear it out as well.  So I have no reason to doubt it was the Arnica that helped.

He is ready to get back on the soccer field, but fortunately, has a couple more days to rest before practice.

I am now thinking that I am going to err on the side of high potency prescribing in the case of injuries, especially after the first day or two. Personally, I find the lower potencies (30C, 200C) help the pain more immediately, but long term healing often requires higher potencies. Arnica isn’t the only injury remedy, but it is almost always the first one.  As a practitioner, I have access to the high potencies that the average person is unable to purchase.  But let me know if you need help with an injury.  Get back on the pitch, court, or field sooner.  Try high potency homeopathy.

The “C” after the number in a homeopathic remedy means the substance has been diluted a ratio of 1:100.  The number in front of the C, as in 30C, means that it has been diluted that many times, as in 30 times for a 30C.  The M is still a C potency, but is easier to read.  1M is 1000C.  10M is 10,000C.  The higher the number, the more cycles of potentization and the stronger the remedy.  Check out for more information on homeopathy. 



No Teething Meds? No Problem…if you have Homeopathy!

A teething baby can be so miserable that the whole family becomes miserable.  One possible solution is the omnipresent Tylenol.  It is

Teething Babies can be helped with homeopathy!

a pain reliever for all things and even comes in a Children’s version, so why not?

Liver failure, that’s why.  Last October I wrote about problems with Tylenol.  And  After re-reading those two postings, you will probably see why this is not a good idea, despite what the Nurse line says about it.

So maybe you could try those teething gels that you can get at any pharmacy.  They contain Benzocaine, which is related to Novocaine. The ingredients in Benzocaine include such things as lidocaine hydrocholoride, chlorocresol and cetylpyridnium chloride.  If you can’t pronounce it, do you really want to put it in your child’s mouth? The brand names of these products are Anbesol, Orajel, Orabase, etc.  The FDA says using benzocaine products to stop pain associated with teething can cause a rare and sometimes fatal condition called methemoglobinemia.  It is a blood disorder where the oxygen that’s carried through the blood to the tissue drops to dangerously low levels.  It has been known to cause death.

The FDA first issued a warning on these products in 2006, and again in 2011. It has been in the news again the last few days. Since the first warnings, 29 children were reported to have methemoglobinemia.  The symptoms include pale, gray or blue colored skin, lips and fingernail beds, shortness of breath, headaches, light headedness and rapid heart rate.  The symptoms can appear within minutes to hours after benzocaine use, according to the FDA.

There is a brand of teething jel on the market that does not contain Benzocaine.  It is a homeopathic product made by Hyland’s and contains multiple remedies.  But you can also use individual remedies to great effect, usually better actually.

If your teething baby is very angry, wants to be carried around, he might need homeopathic Chamomilla, which is the most common homeopathic remedy used for teething.  Other symptoms to look for that might indicate Chamomilla include diarrhea which may look like green grass or spinach, one red cheek and one pale cheek, and being very capricious—that is, demanding something and then throwing it away as soon as he or she gets one.

Calcarea Phosphoricum (Calc Phos) is another useful remedy for dealing with pain of teething.  A lot of parents who know something about homeopathy will want to give Pulsatilla because the baby will be whiney, clingy and complaining (as best he or she can).  The baby may have the Velcro baby symptom of Pulsatilla.  But Pulsatilla is rarely used, whereas Calc Phos is much more common for teething pains.  Baby may be sweaty, slow to learn to walk and pudgy to go along with this remedy for teething.  Teeth may be late coming in and this remedy may even speed it up. Diarrhea and gassiness will also appear to indicate this remedy.  Baby may also have dry eyes during dentition.

Another remedy for teething is homeopathic Mercurius vivus.  The main symptom of this remedy is that there is EXCESSIVE drooling.  Most babies drool when they are teething, but this type of drooling would include having to change shirts several times a day or wear a bib even while not eating.  One of my children was this way, the other was not.

Kreosotum is also a teething remedy.  The gums are inflamed, spongy, and bleed or ulcerate easily.  There is offensive odor from the mouth.

Coffea Cruda, homeopathic coffee, is a remedy for dentition where in addition to pain, sleeplessness is a major symptom of the teething experience.

Belladonna can be used when the gums are VERY red and inflamed and painful. There might also be a fever Both Belladonna and Chamomilla are remedies where children often wake up screaming in pain in the middle of the night and they both have fevers, so it may be difficult to distinguish between the two.  Belladonna won’t have the anger or the desire to be carried that you will see in Chamomilla.

Podophyllum is also a commonly used remedy for teething which is accompanied by diarrhea.  This is the type that explodes all over the toilet bowl, or perhaps the diaper, depending on the age of the child.  You will also find they grind their teeth at night in response to the dentition and his or her head will be hot with perspiration. The rest of the body may be chilly.

The homeopathic Material Medica has 90 remedies for Dentition pain, so I could go on and on.  These are just a few of the most common remedies that are used for teething troubles and remedies you largely can find in stores that have a good stock of the blue tube Boiron remedies.

There should be no reason to use the dangerous drugs containing Benzocaine or Tylenol to help your child get through this difficult time.  Keep your child safe and happy, thus keeping yourself happy.  Use safe homeopathic remedies to help with teething.



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