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The End of the World And What You Can Do About It

The Weather Forecast for 12/21/12.  Not sure who created this, but thanks for the good bit of humor!

The Weather Forecast for 12/21/12. Not sure who created this, but thanks for the good bit of humor!

This may be the last blog I post.  That is, if the Mayans are correct, or our interpretation of their calendar is correct.

Homeopathy will certainly not stop the world from ending if it is indeed destined to do so.  But there are some remedies that do reflect a fear that the world is coming to an end in some way.  So I thought it would be fun and interesting to share some information about them, in light of the impending doom.

The first place to look in the homeopathic repertory is under a symptom called, Mind, Prophesying, Predicts the time of death.  The first remedy one thinks of in this situation is Aconite.  This remedy is a fairly common one and you can pick it up at your local Vitamin Shoppe or food coop or natural foods store.  The idea behind Aconite is not that you are going to die sometime soon.  The idea is that you are going to die in the next couple of seconds.  It is a useful remedy for children who are very fearful about medical procedures, for example.  Also, it helps those who have been in a car accident who can’t seem to shake the fear that the next car in the intersection is going to blast through the red light and kill them.  (I’m sure you all know what I am talking about.)  Aconite was given out a lot by homeopaths in New York after 9/11, and I’m sure those in Connecticut will also be recommending Aconite as well, after the recent tragedy there.

With not quite the same sense of urgency, but nearly so, we find Argentum Nitricum.  You may know this substance as Silver Nitrate.  Do you ever look over the edge of something high and get the willies?  If you feel that way because you are afraid you might jump, this is the general feeling of Argentum Nitricum.  They are a bit impulsive and they get that sensation in high places.  If they are in between large buildings, they are concerned the buildings may fall.  Bridges?  They might collapse.  It is also a good remedy for people with performance anxiety.

Cenchris contortrix is also known as the Copperhead Snake.  The feel they will die immediately as well.  Often it has to do with a violent death in this case, whereas Aconite is more about an illness or an accident.  The fear often comes on the night and the person who needs it wakes up screaming with her heart pounding.

Lac Defloratum is a remedy made from skimmed milk.  Skimmed milk is actually not good for you, but as a homeopathic remedy, it is amazing and with the right mental emotional picture, can help people get over their sensitivity to milk.  Like all milk remedies, the people who need it are care takers.  The women are very domesticated and for them, there is no other choice.  Sometimes it gets to the point where they are feeling hopeless about their situation.  She will suffocate and die alone in a convent.  (Words from the 1800’s.)  Modern day information would be a mother who is really torn between staying home with her children and feeling like she simply can’t do that anymore.  Or they get headaches so badly they wish they could die.  There is no fear of death. It is a more drawn out process, a bit of a living death.

There is also a symptom Mind, Death, Conviction of.  The people who need the remedies in this symptom are sure they will die, without assigning a time to their death.  So those who are fearful of the demise predicted by the Mayans would definitely not fall into this category.  As it turns out, there is almost no overlap with the remedies in the other symptoms.

I hope the Mayans are wrong and you are around to read my next blog post.  Have yourself a Merry Little Christmas!

All the best,



A Brief Trip to Hell and Back–All without leaving my kitchen!

A small red mark is all that remains after a painful burn.

A small red mark is all that remains after a painful burn.

The title may be a bit over dramatic, but my recent accident in the kitchen hurt like the devil.

Saturday I was frying some home made breaded onions.   My son and I are both on Gluten Free diets.  I have been thinking a lot about the old fashioned green bean casserole, but it is NOT  Gluten Free, as you may know.

Early last week I discovered that there are some Gluten Free Condensed Soups available and the Gluten Free Store in my town carries them.  I had made a trip and picked up a couple cartons of the Cream of Mushroom variety.  I could have made it from scratch, but I just wanted to try out the soup.  I can’t use the French Fried onions you get in the store, so I was making my own.

Somehow, my finger got dipped into the hot coconut oil in which I was frying the onions.  It hurt like the devil!  I started out running my finger under warm water.  After all, cold water for a burn is NOT homeopathic.  I gradually got to cold water.  That little trick of starting with warm water actually worked!

Quickly my mind went to all the possible remedies.  Causticum, Calendula ointment, Cantharis are the ones most easily accessible.  I considered a dose of Causticum, thinking that this may be too bad a burn for that remedy.  I have used it frequently when I have burned myself on a curling iron or by touching the oven rack, or burned my tongue on hot pizza.  But this burn felt worse than any I had had previously.  Not being able to think too clearly on my own, I grabbed my homeopathy first aid book.  I came up with Cantharis.  In reading it, it seems like maybe I should have used it in other circumstances as well.  But the two key symptoms I had were that it burned without being touched and it is for scalds which are better from ice and cold applications.  I noticed that as long as I had my finger on a bag of ice, it was not painful at all.  But mere moments after removing it, the pain was excruciating.

I took a dose of Cantharis.  Nothing.  Being certain I had the right remedy, I took a second dose 15 minutes later.  Within 10 minutes I felt some relief.  But it only lasted for about 10 minutes.  By then I was at my son’s basketball game–not where I wanted to be with that much pain.  I took another dose.  BINGO!  That did the trick.  I continued to feel less and less pain.  However, I could see a couple of small blisters begin to form.  I thought about the way homeopathy works, sometimes pushing you through the various stages of an injury or illness more quickly than normal.

I went to bed, thinking I may wake up in pain and need another dose.  I kept the remedy on my bedside table.  No need for it.  I woke up feeling barely any pain. The blisters that were beginning to form were gone. I did manage to not have to wash any dishes yesterday because the hot water hurt my finger.

Today, the redness you see in the picture is all that remains of any evidence of a burn.

The lesson:  don’t stop after one dose.  There was probably plenty going on under the surface, so to speak.  My experience with Causticum is that it worked so quickly.  But this was a more serious burn.  It needed more time.

Homeopathy works great when there are first aid injuries that require care.  But don’t give up too quickly!

Was it the flu or not? Who Cares?

MP900313993[1]My son got sick last week.  Bless his heart.  He put up with a gym class at the end of the day rather than calling me to come and get him from middle school.

I was intending to bring him to the chiropractor after school, which I did.  I figured it could only help and certainly wouldn’t hurt.

We got home and I gave him a remedy that fit his stomach ache symptoms–Colocynthis.  Stomach cramps.  Better from bending double.  Crabby, irritable, thinks everyone else is stupid.

It helped, but a new symptom developed.  He couldn’t eat without developing a stomach ache.  And he was hungry.  Bummer.  Gave him a different remedy–this time it was Chamomilla. Finally he developed a fever.  He became absolutely freezing for awhile.  This is actually not a bad sign.  It is a signal that the immune system is ramping up and the cytokine’s are present.

At bedtime, I gave him a different remedy because the stomach ache had gone and now he had a headache.  Worse from moving.  Better from putting pressure on his head.  I gave him Bryonia, not only because of the motion symptoms, but also he developed some restlessness.  This meant that he wanted to move to get comfortable, but whenever he moved he felt worse.  This is the picture-perfect paradox of Bryonia.  A dose before bed.  He is 13, so I left him the bottle on his night stand so he could give himself a dose in the middle of the night if he happened to wake up.

The next morning, I let him sleep in.  He had a bit of a headache still in the morning.  I gave him a dose of Bryonia soon after waking.  By noon, he was much better.  Nearly recovered, except for a bit of remaining stomach sensitivity.

He played two basketball games on Saturday and one on Sunday.

What this demonstrates is what we frequently see with homeopathy.  That you don’t always avoid the illness, but homeopathic remedies can help you move through each stage of the illness much more rapidly.  Did he need all those remedies?  Would Bryonia have helped him from the start?  Not likely.  Bryonia isn’t even listed as a remedy for stomach pain helped by bending double.  But the rapid progression through three homeopathic remedy states indicates that he may have been sick for longer, had he not had the remedies.  When  you get the flu or flu-like symptoms, your state can change rapidly and frequently.  It isn’t enough to say take X number of doses of this remedy.  You must pay attention to the symptoms you are experiencing.  Call the homeopath if you aren’t sure what to do next.

Did he have the flu?  I actually don’t really care, nor does it really matter as far as homeopathy is concerned.  The important thing is that his flu-like symptoms were helped and he progressed through the illness rapidly, coming out stronger in the end.

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