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Remedy of the Week #7

Remedy of the Week is back after a brief hiatus.

This week’s remedy is one of the most common in the homeopathic Materia Medica.  It isn’t surprising, because the source of this remedy is very plentiful on earth as well.

Rotting is part of this remedy

This remedy has a lot to do with decay  and disgust.  Of things wearing out and dragging on so long that they get stale and old.  As one would expect, things then get smelly and stinky and sweaty and gross.

It is a specific for a child hood ear infection that comes on at the end of a stale old cold.  It is also for a cold that won’t seem to go away.  It seems like it is past the acute phase where you don’t really have a lot of symptoms, but the ones you have drag on and on.  You are sick of being sick.

Another symptom of this remedy is that your hair looks greasy and dirty, even if you just washed it that morning.  Definitely a bad hair day.

You might also have skin eruptions of some sort with this remedy.  It might be a rash or hives or just red skin from being warm.

Is this Blog post getting old? Then click here to find out what the remedy is and more about how to use it.



Remedy of the Week #4

Have you ever eaten too much?

Have you ever had too much to drink?

How do you feel when this happens?  Weak, nauseous, tired, full, headache, stomach ache?

This week’s remedy of the week can help out in those situations and help you ring in the New Year feeling a bit more alive.  In addition to feeling like you have over indulged in some way, it also helps the feeling that if you could just throw up, you’d feel better.  If you could just have a BM, you’d feel better.  If you could just cough something out, you’d feel better.

Emotionally, someone who needs this remedy generally wants to be left alone to sleep or rest, if you just could.  You are crabby and irritable.

Click HERE to find out the name of this over indulgence, hangover, too much to eat remedy.  Read the whole posting, because you’ll find information on how to take the remedy to make it most effective.

If you tend to over indulge too much in either eating or drinking, call Kathryn for help with that.



Remedy of the Week #2

With the holidays coming, you or your family may be needing some help from this remedy.

Ailments from too much joy is the description of this remedy.  If you have ever had such a good time that you couldn’t sleep, you may find that you can settle down with this remedy.  This applies to children as well.

There are many insomnia remedies, but for acute insomnia caused by a situation that has been fun and joyful, this one can’t be beat.  If you need this remedy you may also be seeking additional stimulation to build on what you are already feeling, when in fact, you really need to calm down.

To have this remedy waft over you, click here.



Remedy Of The Week

Beginning this week, I will be posting a Remedy of The Week on this Blog.  Many of you want to learn more about remedies and it is a fun way for me to look at them a different way.

I will describe the remedy and then you try to figure out which remedy it is.  To find the answer, click the link.

Thanks, and lets have fun.


People who need this remedy are generally very open and friendly and tend to have a lot of friends.  They are restless and as such like to travel and see the world.  The main theme of this remedy is DIFFUSION.  Everything comes out of them and everything comes back in.  Because of these lack of boundaries, they tend to be fearful.

The people who need it will burn the candle at both ends, either socially or with work, similarly to the natural state of the material dose of this remedy.  They are often weary and very tired.

This lightness and effervescence of this natural substance shows up as a craving of carbonated beverages or feeling better from carbonated beverages in people who are sick.
What Remedy Is It?

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