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It’s Not Nice To Fool Mother Nature–Part 2

Here is Part 2 of my previous blog series of “It’s Not Nice To Fool Mother Nature.” It seems relevant given the measles hysteria.

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If you haven’t read my previous posting on Fooling Mother Nature, please click here.

Tinkering with the food chain is but one way that man tries to fool mother nature.  Medicine is another.

Let me begin by saying that I think there are definitely times where western medicine and pharmaceuticals are necessary.  However, there seems to be an attitude in the philosophy (if one can call it that) of western medicine that we have a shortage of antibiotics or antidepressants or Lipitor in our bodies.  The problem with this view point, in addition to it being a fallacy, is that it fails to get to the root of the problem.

I remember first hearing about the idea of a “Chemical Imbalance” in the brain used as an explanation for a particular health issue experienced by a friend.  The very first thought I had was, “Well, why is there a…

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Its Not Nice To Fool Mother Nature

I thought this blog was worth reposting given the current “crisis” of measles that is occurring.

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In listening to all the latest on GMO (Genetically Modified Organisms) foods, I was reminded of a television commercial that I found pretty humorous when I was young.  It was an advertisement about Mother Nature who was fooled into believing that the food like substance known as margarine was actually butter.  She was not pleased and immediately created a natural disaster of some sort.

That commercial for Chiffon Margarine  reminds me of the current situation in our country of health care and our increasingly unrecognizable food supply.

Mad Cow Disease was a big scare a few years ago.  The source of it was traced to feeding animals foods that they were not naturally designed to eat.  Animal byproducts were fed to sheep and cattle, which are, by nature, vegetarians.  Why would anyone want to mess with the food chain? In hopes that the animals would gain weight more quickly.  What…

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Anxiety, Depression and Homeopathy

Others have told me this article is very helpful, so I wanted to repost it. What is YOUR experience with Depression like? Let us know in the comments.

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Since this is the week for Homeopathy and Families, it seemed important to bring up a topic which is very common in families these days–depression which is often accompanied by anxiety.  Are more people depressed than used to be?  Are more people getting diagnosed with depression than there used to be?  Is this because there are now medications for it so it is more acceptable or perhaps people just think they are depressed?

Very complicated indeed.  I think it is safe to say that the world is a more high pressure place than in decades previous.  Depression and anxiety can be rooted in feeling like one hasn’t fulfilled one’s duty, or can’t achieve what is expected of them.  Nonetheless, a person with anxiety or depression can have an effect on an entire family.  It is a very important topic.

The diagnosis of depression is often called a “garbage bag” or…

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What Gets Better from Homeopathy–the Weather!

I recently took a GREAT remedy.  I feel really good.  So the day to day things that have bothered me recently are all MUCH better, even non-existent.

SADD is common in Minnesota and other cold weather states.

SADD is common in Minnesota and other cold weather states.

But it is rather fun to look at small things that get better and you don’t even realize it because they aren’t day to day annoyances.

Take today’s weather for example.  Many people suffer from sadness and depression in the winter when the sun stays put behind the clouds.  Not me.  In the winter I prefer cloudy days in the winter because that means warmer weather.  I am more concerned about temperature than light.

The kind of weather that I am most sensitive to is rainy weather.  I can remember being so sad and dragged down from rain.  Especially heavy rain.  Today it rained for 2 – 3 hours this morning.  I didn’t even notice.  I was unaffected by it.  If I lived in somewhere like Seattle, where rain is a frequent event, I may have noticed it sooner.

So homeopathy can help with the weather, at least our perception of it.  As Winter is approaching, if you are a Seasonal Affective Disorder sufferer, or are bothered by any other type of weather, homeopathy is your friend.  It will give you a hand, as a friend should, and pull you out of the funk you are experiencing.



Homeopathy and Influenza

This is an appropriate time of year to repost this blog on Influenza and Homeopathy. Nothing has changed. It is still important and relevant.

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Offers for vaccinations of all types are seen all over.

If it weren’t for the weather changing to give us a hint that Flu Season is forthcoming, driving around your local Target or Walgreen’s would be a dead giveaway.

Everywhere you look there are signs encouraging you to get the flu shot–and perhaps others.

Before you get sidetracked and enter the store, you should know that Homeopathy has a long track record of helping people who have influenza.

There are three ways homeopathy can help prevent influenza.

First is a good constitutional remedy.  Any acute illness is about opportunity.  Most germs are opportunistic, and the flu virus is no exception.  The best way to prevent acute illness is not through vaccinations, but from becoming more healthy in our core.  A constitutional remedy strengthens your whole being, making you less susceptible to any illness, including influenza.  A constitutional remedy can be…

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Just Because It Is Natural Doesn’t Meant It Is Good For You…


Lavender Fields

“Natural” is the buzzword of the decade.  Just go to the grocery store.  Everything claims to be Natural these days.  Natural Coconut Water…  Natural Creamy Peanut Butter (with lots of extra ingredients like Hydrogenated Oils, sugar, etc. )  The Health and Beauty section shows the same, only there are usually more chemicals than in the food.

Suffice to say, “natural” is not always really natural.

But then there are some “natural” things that truly are natural and yet they still aren’t good for you.  The obvious ones are poisonous substances found in nature, such as arsenic, mercury, etc.  Poison Ivy is completely natural, but 85 percent of the population will have an allergic reaction to the urushiol in the Poison Ivy.

Finally, there are the natural things that work well for some people, but not necessarily for others.  Some items in this category can be helpful for some people and not so helpful for others. Homeopathic remedies fall into this category.  Not every remedy works for every person.

I had a recent experience with the essential oil Lavender.  I have always loved the smell of Lavender.  It also used to work wonder for my children when I would put it in the bath tub when they were little.  In fact, I recall when my oldest son was little, he asked me to put in the “stuff that makes me sleepy.  Not the stuff that gets me all excited.”  When he mentioned getting excited, he was referring to the Lemon/Orange oil I would put in the bath if they took morning baths.  The “stuff” that calmed him down was lavender oil.  He recognized this on his own, without any hints from me.

Fast forward to this past winter.  I have some cream I have been using for years.  It is scented with the essential oil of Lavender.  I would use it at night and it had the added bonus of making me sleepy.  But with the especially cold winter this year, my skin was dry and itchy.  The coconut oil in the cream was just what I needed.  So I started using it morning and evening.

I found as the winter went on that I was having a really hard time staying up past 7 or 7:30 p.m.  All I wanted to do was go to bed early.  It was nearly impossible for me to stay up as late as I needed to in order to complete my tasks for the day.

I decided to look up the symptom, “Desires to go to bed early” in my repertory or symptoms related to homeopathic remedies.  The one and only remedy in there was, you guessed it, Lavender.  Only it was homeopathic lavender, referred to as Lavendula.  As I read more about this remedy, I found that it actually suited me pretty well.  I took a dose.  It turned out that I was really sensitive to it, but it was not a correct remedy for me.

But I learned that my sensitivity to Lavender was actually causing problems for me.  It wasn’t dangerous, but it was troubling.

The other important lesson I learned is that sometimes things you have been eating, or drinking, or using in some way for years, could in fact, be the source of the problem.

What Would You Do To Prevent Cancer?

angelinaLast week we all learned the news about Angelina Jolie’s decision to have a double mastectomy to reduce her risk of developing breast cancer.  Apparently she had the genetic testing done who identify whether she carried this gene which indicates a genetic predisposition to getting breast cancer.  Of course, the percentage increase of likelihood is a subject that is still debated, but it does seem to indicate at least a 50% chance of getting breast cancer.

Since this has occurred, many have asked what I would do if I found out I had this gene. By the way, I am 99% certain I don’t have this gene, as breast cancer is rare in my family.

As a natural health practitioner, I know that people have the right to become as healthy as they want to be, and take whatever steps they choose. I am not criticizing Ms. Jolie. But this is still very disturbing to me on a number of fronts.

First, sometimes we take steps that make us THINK we are getting healthy, but in fact we are really going in the wrong direction. (Here is an example from a local blog writer that is a perfect example.   From a homeopathic perspective, surgery only removes the expression of the dis-ease, not the dis-ease itself.  Thus far, Angelina did not have any expression of dis-ease, but perhaps has some mental/emotional dis-ease which could lead to the physical dis-ease, which in turn leads to disease.  Fear of cancer may be one expression of her dis-ease.  So removing her breasts really only opens up the rest of her body to express the dis-ease somewhere else.  Her mother, for example, actually died of ovarian cancer, not breast cancer.  So is she setting herself up for that?  Ovarian cancer, by the way, is much harder to detect in a timely manner than is breast cancer.

The main stream media (MSM) saw this as an opportunity to praise Jolie for her courage and hope that it would encourage other women who also carried this gene to do the same thing.  I do not necessarily agree that making her a role model in this regard is a good thing.  The MSM should have instead seized the opportunity to educate on other ways to prevent cancer.  Studies done as long ago as 2005 and later show that an appropriate amount of Vitamin D on a regular basis reduces the risk of getting cancer through many mechanisms.   One study showed an 80% risk of reduction in breast cancer.  One interesting fact is that using sunscreen may be preventing us from getting enough sunshine to obtain adequate amounts of Vitamin D, thus increasing everyone’s risk of getting cancer.  Statistics show that dark skinned people have a higher risk of cancer, which could be due to their inability to obtain as much Vitamin D as light skinned people do from the sun. And of course, those of us in Northern Climates also need to be aware of our intake of Vitamin D, especially in the winter when the angle of the sun makes it really difficult to get make enough Vitamin D.

There is a certain part of me that feels like she got fooled, or she didn’t receive all the information she should have received to make an informed decision.  If she really did receive this information, why was this not part of the story as well?  She could have said something like, “I know that Vitamin D can help reduce the risk of breast cancer, but I chose to do this as well.”

Just because someone carries a particular genetic code does not mean that it will express itself.  There are many ways that natural health modalities can assist in this.  Homeopathy has categories of remedies that help with shoring up boundaries that are often weak in people who get cancer.  Cancer is all about lack of boundaries and lack of cell differentiation.  Often it shows up as people being who others want them to be or being over extending themselves on behalf of others and not taking care of themselves.  Diet can also make a HUGE difference.  I am saying all this as someone who comes from a family with the polycystic kidney gene.  Fortunately, my father does not carry the gene, so I am safe.  But I saw many of my aunts and uncles suffer and eventually die from this disease.  I wish I could have done something to help, but at the time, I did not know about homeopathy.

So do your research before you make any life changing decisions.  Look beyond the scope of what MSM or your doctor’s office tells you.  (You may not be aware of this, but doctors are discouraged from learning anything outside the scope of their practice. So the viewpoint that if there were other options, surely you would hear about them from your doctor, is not based in anything but wishful thinking.)  Call me if you have any questions.



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