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A Homeopathy Success Story–Lesson Learned: Pay Attention to Symptoms

I recently had a repeat accident.  I burned my finger while cooking in oil.  This time I was on vacation and I had only 36 remedies to choose from.

It was EXTREMELY painful, so I took the same remedy that provided relief last time–Cantharis.  It is a good remedy for burns that are extremely painful and blister.  Read about that blog post here.

Cantharis was in the 36 remedy kit, so I was in luck…or so I thought.  It didn’t work, however.  We were fishing.  I was in the boat.  I had a bag of ice and a cooler of ice.  My burned finger felt great in the ice.  When I was busy, I noticed it didn’t hurt so much.  But waiting for those walleyes to bite was excruciating!  When I first started reeling in the line, it hurt, but the more I continued reeling and netting other’s fish, it felt much better.  I had observed even before we went out fishing that as long as I was walking around, it felt much better.

Rhus Tox, also known as Poison Ivy, with the smooth leaves.  Leaves of three, let it be.

Rhus Tox, also known as Poison Ivy, with the smooth leaves. Leaves of three, let it be.

I thought of Rhus Tox which is a well known remedy. The symptoms of Rhus Tox include being worse from first motion and better from continued motion.  But generally Rhus Tox is better from heat, especially with Poison Ivy, and my finger was MUCH better from cold.  If I hadn’t had any way to look up the symptoms, I would have just taken it, but since I could look it up, I did.  It turns out that Rhus Tox also has the opposite symptom of being better from cold.  I took a dose.

Within 20 minutes, it was an order of magnitude better.  Later in the day I took another dose.  That was all.  Two doses.  Pain was gone.  The next day it had formed a blister.  Since then, the skin has all peeled off the burn and you cannot tell that it was even there.

I knew before I took the Cantharis that I was better from walking around (classic Rhus Tox symptom).  I should have paid attention to all my symptoms before deciding to use the remedy that worked best last time.  I would have had pain relief two hours earlier.

The Top Ten Natural Care Products–Part 4

In this post, the Top Ten Natural Care Products will include useful tools in addition to homeopathy.  Specifically, the focus will be on burns.  But all of these items have many uses.

10.   Causticum 30C

In addition to healing burns, Causticum can help a certain type of cough.

In addition to healing burns, Causticum can help a certain type of cough.

Causticum is a homeopathic remedy that is made from a mix of minerals, including Potassium and Sulphur.  Take a 30C dose as soon as possible after a burn. This would be for burns such as accidentally touching a hot oven rack or a pan when cooking or baking.  It will also provides relief for burns to the inside of the mouth if you eat something that has not cooled sufficiently.  I remember a client calling me in a panic one day when her young son had done that. Causticum helped immediately.  It could also help sunburn, but see below for a better idea for sunburn.  The other items below are topical, so if you don’t want to put them in your mouth, Causticum is definitely the first choice.

Causticum can also help a tickly cough that is worse lying down and better from drinking cold water.

11.   Calendula Ointment or Cream

Calendula is widely used in a variety of personal care products.  It is really soothing for the skin.  But did you know it can help burns?  Spread it on the burn as soon as possible.  Repeat as necessary.  Calendula ointment or creme is widely available in health food stores, coops, even everyday grocery stores, such as Byerly’s locally in the Twin Cities of MN.  It was one of the first remedies I ever used when I became interested in homeopathy.  I had “burned” my lip on a spoonful of ice cream.  It was amazing.  I try to stay away from Calendula Gel as it can sting, whereas the Ointment or Creme is more soothing.

Calendula ointment is great for small rashes of unknown origin, and other itchy spots.  If you have chronic skin conditions, it is okay to use temporarily, but seek constitutional homeopathic care from a professional homeopath to help heal the problem.

12.  Lavender Essential Oil

Lavender is a great help for burns.

Lavender is a great help for burns.

Lavender is one of the few essential oils that are okay to apply directly to the skin.  Lavender is handy in a number of ways. If you are using a deodorant and it is an especially sweaty day, you may want to put some drops directly under your arms or on your feet.  You can also apply Lavender Essential Oil to a burn to help it heal faster and prevent blistering.  I would do this in combination with the Causticum, if topical use is indicated.

I hope this set of natural care products will find a home in your medicine chest.  Please read this past blog to learn more about treating burns with homeopathy.



A Brief Trip to Hell and Back–All without leaving my kitchen!

A small red mark is all that remains after a painful burn.

A small red mark is all that remains after a painful burn.

The title may be a bit over dramatic, but my recent accident in the kitchen hurt like the devil.

Saturday I was frying some home made breaded onions.   My son and I are both on Gluten Free diets.  I have been thinking a lot about the old fashioned green bean casserole, but it is NOT  Gluten Free, as you may know.

Early last week I discovered that there are some Gluten Free Condensed Soups available and the Gluten Free Store in my town carries them.  I had made a trip and picked up a couple cartons of the Cream of Mushroom variety.  I could have made it from scratch, but I just wanted to try out the soup.  I can’t use the French Fried onions you get in the store, so I was making my own.

Somehow, my finger got dipped into the hot coconut oil in which I was frying the onions.  It hurt like the devil!  I started out running my finger under warm water.  After all, cold water for a burn is NOT homeopathic.  I gradually got to cold water.  That little trick of starting with warm water actually worked!

Quickly my mind went to all the possible remedies.  Causticum, Calendula ointment, Cantharis are the ones most easily accessible.  I considered a dose of Causticum, thinking that this may be too bad a burn for that remedy.  I have used it frequently when I have burned myself on a curling iron or by touching the oven rack, or burned my tongue on hot pizza.  But this burn felt worse than any I had had previously.  Not being able to think too clearly on my own, I grabbed my homeopathy first aid book.  I came up with Cantharis.  In reading it, it seems like maybe I should have used it in other circumstances as well.  But the two key symptoms I had were that it burned without being touched and it is for scalds which are better from ice and cold applications.  I noticed that as long as I had my finger on a bag of ice, it was not painful at all.  But mere moments after removing it, the pain was excruciating.

I took a dose of Cantharis.  Nothing.  Being certain I had the right remedy, I took a second dose 15 minutes later.  Within 10 minutes I felt some relief.  But it only lasted for about 10 minutes.  By then I was at my son’s basketball game–not where I wanted to be with that much pain.  I took another dose.  BINGO!  That did the trick.  I continued to feel less and less pain.  However, I could see a couple of small blisters begin to form.  I thought about the way homeopathy works, sometimes pushing you through the various stages of an injury or illness more quickly than normal.

I went to bed, thinking I may wake up in pain and need another dose.  I kept the remedy on my bedside table.  No need for it.  I woke up feeling barely any pain. The blisters that were beginning to form were gone. I did manage to not have to wash any dishes yesterday because the hot water hurt my finger.

Today, the redness you see in the picture is all that remains of any evidence of a burn.

The lesson:  don’t stop after one dose.  There was probably plenty going on under the surface, so to speak.  My experience with Causticum is that it worked so quickly.  But this was a more serious burn.  It needed more time.

Homeopathy works great when there are first aid injuries that require care.  But don’t give up too quickly!

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