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The Body Wants What the Body Wants!


The Cliffs of Moher

In May last year, my husband and I took a trip to Ireland.  We did a good deal of hiking.  While hiking near the Cliffs of Moher, my high ankle, just above the ankle bone, became excruciatingly painful, without explanation.  The tighter I tied my hiking boots, the worse it became.  I managed to find a handful of tissues to stuff in the boot and I made it through the hike.

It was a mystery to me because I didn’t sprain my ankle, the hiking boots were broken in, and, well, there was just no explanation, except perhaps overuse from all the hiking we had done. So,  I tried Arnica, which helped a bit.  I tried Bryonia, and it did nothing.  I managed to get through the rest of the trip, with one more big hike scheduled to the top of a mountain.

Upon returning home, the swelling receeded a bit and I could see a large bump under the surface of the skin.  I determined I had a ganglion cyst on my ankle.  I had never had a ganglion cyst, so I was surprised to see it.

Apparently Ganglion Cysts can be caused by irritation to the joint or tendons, according to many medical websites. A previous injury makes one susceptible to forming a ganglion cyst. (I had sprained that ankle several years prior.) It is a fluid filled cyst that contains the same lubricant found around tendons.  Not wanting to irritate it anymore, I didn’t do any hiking in the summer.

There is a remedy, Ruta Graveolens, that is a specific for Ganglion Cysts.  There are 32 other remedies, but I really didn’t have many symptoms to go by.  Since I didn’t want to confuse a new constitutional remedy, I chose to NOT take Ruta.  I did some experimenting and used an essential oil, Frankincense, mixed with a carrier oil.  I rolled it onto the Cyst several times per day.  It eventually disappeared by mid to late July.


The Cliffs of Moher

In September, I started to develop plantar fasciitis.  It seemed to get worse every time I did any serious walking.  I had hoped a different constitutional remedy would help.  It didn’t.

There was a study published in the British Journal of Podiatry in August of 2000 which showed a significant improvement using homeopathic Ruta Graveolens for plantar fasciitis versus a placebo.  Ruta is a go to remedy for any injury or irritation of connective tissue.  First sprained ankle (didn’t take Ruta), then the tendon with the ganglion cyst and now the inflamed fascia on the foot.

Twice in a short time and three times within several years, my body was displaying symptoms of Ruta in the same area of the body.  Had I taken it the first time with the sprained ankle, or later with the ganglion cyst, rather than using the Essential Oil, I may have been able to avoid the pain of the plantar fasciitis.  There are several remedies for plantar fasciitis, but the symptoms matched those of Ruta, i.e., pain and irritability worse from movement, and the symptoms are particularly worse from stepping on the foot.

The lesson here is to listen to the body, and take the appropriate remedy, sooner rather than later.  The Body Wants What the Body Wants!


The Top Ten Natural Care Products–Part 2

As we move through the list of the Top Ten Natural Care Products, it is important to make clear the difference between acute ??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????and chronic illness.  Acute illness is an illness that is self limiting.  You either get over it or you die from it.  Fortunately, if we are generally healthy, we live. For most people, having an acute illness actually makes your immune system stronger.  There is another option, which is that your body can’t quite shake it and you develop some type of chronic illness that is related to the acute illness.  For example, getting respiratory influenza and then developing asthma as an outcome. Fortunately, homeopathy can help prevent or mitigate that situation.  A chronic illness is one which goes on and on and on.  The experience of a chronic illness is not to make you stronger.  Rather, the outcome is the body gets weaker.

The remedies and other products included in my list are, in most cases, on the list due to their ability to handle acute situations. They may be injuries or it could be a contagious dis-ease.  Most also have a long term use as well, but those uses won’t be discussed in this series of blogs.

On to the next items:

4.     Bryonia 30C

Bryonia is a homeopathic remedy for pain when the pain is worse from motion and better from being stabilized with an ace bandage or a hand. You can imagine that Bryonia is an excellent remedy in the process of healing an injury. But it also is a good cough remedy, especially if you are experiencing pain with the cough, which is better when you lay on the sore spot, or put your hand on it.   A lot of people think that Arnica is the remedy for over doing it when exercising, but Bryonia frequently is a better choice. Bryonia is better from heat, which is a frequent modality for overuse injuries. It is also better from being alone.  The people who need it tend to be pretty irritable as well.  Fear of motion due to the anticipation of potential pain is also a symptom of Bryonia.

5.    Rhus Tox 30C

Poison Ivy, with the smooth leaves.  Leaves of three, let it be.

Poison Ivy, with the smooth leaves. Leaves of three, let it be.

Rhus Tox is a homeopathic dose of Poison Ivy.  It is for injuries and illnesses that are worse for first motion and better from continued motion. This is in contrast to Bryonia, which is worse from all motion, not just first motion. People who need Rhus Tox are also chilly and are better from heat, often hot water or hot compresses, as opposed to warmth.  It is also a potential remedy for poison ivy, but generally you need several remedies in succession when exposed to poison ivy.

6.    Ledum 30c

Ledum is a homeopathic remedy made from the plant Ledum Palustre.  Ledum is useful for a number of things, but most especially, it is useful for puncture wounds.  Common examples of puncture wounds include biting your tongue, Getting an insect bite (yes, an insect bite is considered a puncture wound in homeopathy!), stepping on something sharp.

Stay tuned for more….



High Potency Homeopathy and Injuries

Soccer can bring about hamstring and other injuries.

Two of my friends were hit by a car last weekend.  One is still in the hospital.  Another friend brought them some Arnica, which is the remedy for Trauma.  It was a 1M dose of Arnica.  It helped.  But it wasn’t strong enough.

That is always the tricky thing about using homeopathy.  When do you know if it is the wrong remedy and when do you know when to go to a different potency

In the case of my friends, I knew it needed to be higher just by virtue of the incident that caused the trauma.  You can’t be hit by a car while sitting on a sidewalk café and not need 10M Arnica.

But by helping out my friends, it occurred to me that perhaps my son also needed 10M Arnica for his most recent soccer injury.  His team was playing up in a soccer tournament last weekend (They won their bracket, by the way.) so it was 12 year olds versus 13 year olds, and very big 13 year olds on the opposition Blackhawk team, I might add.  He did a slide tackle and when he stood up, he realized that he had pulled his hamstring.  He limped over to the bench, which was fortunately nearby.  The trainer came over and confirmed what had happened.

This past week, he has been icing and bathing and taking Arnica—first 200C and then 1M.  It was helping.  But I felt like it could be helping more.  I knew the friends needed 10M Arnica, so why not my son?  It was unlikely to aggravate anything.  He isn’t particularly sensitive to this remedy. There was really no reason NOT to give him the stronger dose.  So I did.

A couple hours after giving him the 10M, he said he could definitely walk better than before the 10M.  He wondered if he should have another dose before bed.  I wondered if he was feeling worse again.  He wasn’t.  So we waited.  He woke up this morning and could lift his leg like he had been unable to do since the injury.  A miraculous recovery.  In case you don’t know, a hamstring pull includes tearing of muscle fibers.  They do heal, but it can take months.  Over and over again, my clients and I have both heard stories from doctors about how miraculous it is that they recovered so quickly using Arnica. This is from surgeries and injuries. Studies bear it out as well.  So I have no reason to doubt it was the Arnica that helped.

He is ready to get back on the soccer field, but fortunately, has a couple more days to rest before practice.

I am now thinking that I am going to err on the side of high potency prescribing in the case of injuries, especially after the first day or two. Personally, I find the lower potencies (30C, 200C) help the pain more immediately, but long term healing often requires higher potencies. Arnica isn’t the only injury remedy, but it is almost always the first one.  As a practitioner, I have access to the high potencies that the average person is unable to purchase.  But let me know if you need help with an injury.  Get back on the pitch, court, or field sooner.  Try high potency homeopathy.

The “C” after the number in a homeopathic remedy means the substance has been diluted a ratio of 1:100.  The number in front of the C, as in 30C, means that it has been diluted that many times, as in 30 times for a 30C.  The M is still a C potency, but is easier to read.  1M is 1000C.  10M is 10,000C.  The higher the number, the more cycles of potentization and the stronger the remedy.  Check out for more information on homeopathy. 



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