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An Arnica Story, Sort Of….

I recently went with my family to England for a few days on a short holiday.  I always encourage people to bring Arnica, and other remedies like Rhus Tox, Bryonia and Ruta, along on vacation. There is nothing like an injury to ruin a vacation.  Those are great injury remedies.

SoreBackI would not likely have recommended the remedy I actually ended up needing.

While trying to keep up with my husband, who is always in a hurry, I tripped going up some shallow stairs.  I got a bruise or two on my leg and my lower back started hurting.  I have a history of my lumbar spine getting injured when I have fallen in the past.

I took some Arnica for my leg, never dreaming that it would have helped my back.  But it did!  A dose of Arnica 12c twice a day was all it took.  After a few days of that, I developed a cough–a tickly cough that was worse when I laid down in bed and better from warm beverages.  I tried a couple of different remedies for the cough, which is an old symptom that hadn’t appeared in at least five years. I had minimal help.

Then I had inspiration to take a more holistic view of the cough.  Kali Carbonicum is a remedy well known for tickly coughs that are worse from lying down.  But, it also covers the symptom of lower back pain where the back feels weak.  That is exactly how my back felt. The tickly cough came up as a sign from my body to take a different remedy.  So I took Kali Carb 12c.  Within an hour, I had a huge coughing episode and then suddenly, everything was better–my cough and my back.

The questions are, was Arnica the right remedy? Or should I have taken Kali Carb for my back sooner?  The answer to both questions is yes.  Arnica was the right remedy, but once the pain in my leg became manageable, I should have switched.  The Arnica helped my back, but the pain went right back to the original pain once the remedy wore off–not so for the leg.  That is a sign that it isn’t the right remedy.  The strength in my lower back came back with one dose of Kali Carb 12c.

Once again, a holistic view of symptoms always helps arrive at the correct remedy for the situation.

Call for a more holistic view of your health problems.


Another Arnica Story

A well used tube of Arnica Montana 10M.

A well used tube of Arnica Montana 10M.

There are times when I feel like perhaps I extol the virtues of Arnica more than necessary.  Or perhaps, at the expense of the reputation of other homeopathic remedies.

However, I had another Arnica experience I feel compelled to share.  But it isn’t just an Arnica story.  It is a personal homeopathy story, which begins with Arnica.

I recently had a minor surgery.  Something that couldn’t be healed with homeopathy.  Before agreeing to it, I made sure there was no other way.  I had a referral from my Holistic Doc who knew that I would be concerned about the quality of the surgery.

I took Arnica after the surgery.  This not only helped with the post surgical pain, but it also helped heal the trauma from the surgery.  Two weeks later was the follow up appointment, just to make sure all was going as it should.

The appointment started out with the post surgical nurse taking my vitals.  I was informed that mine were the best vitals she would see all day. She knew this at 9:30 a.m.  Thank you homeopathy, chiropractic and a healthy diet.  She asked about pain, the recovery process, etc.  I explained that I had used only homeopathy and a few doses of Tylenol to manage the pain as the healing progressed.  The prescription for narcotics went unused and got torn up and thrown into the waste basket.  I read the doctor’s post surgery report.  “The patient handled the procedure very well,” the doctor had dictated.

When the nurse inspected the incision to see how it was healing, she commented that I didn’t even have a scab.  This was unusual.  I told her it was the Arnica.  I explained the background of Arnica, which she found fascinating.  Eventually she took my business card and was very excited.  “I’m going to tell the other nurses about this.  We are all so into natural things.”  A clinic full of surgeons is the perfect place to share Arnica.

This is a common outcome for Arnica, if not a common response.  But the more we share our homeopathy stories, the more people will want to learn more and become healthier.  By the time I left the brief appointment, the nurse knew that I wasn’t on any medications, that my vitals were good because of the choices I made in my health care.  I wasn’t just lucky nor did I just have good genes.  In the end, it saves me money to choose natural modalities like homeopathy and chiropractic and good diet, even though it may seem like it cost more to begin with.

If you have a homeopathy story, share it with me in the comment section!


Homeopathy is Safe to Dispose of, But Why Would You?


OTC and prescription medications need careful disposal. Not so with homeopathic remedies.

I recently received my copy of the quarterly communication from The Washington County (MN) Board of Commissioners. The front page story caught my eye, as I suppose it was designed to do.

The headline read, “Unused Medication Collection Process Is Growing.”  It was full of information about the program that has been created in Washington County, how to use it, the dangers of flushing medications or disposing of them in the trash, drug abuse that can occur with unused medications and the most frequently abused drugs, and what Washington County intends to do with these drugs, if anything. Here is a link to information about the program.

I got to thinking that there are no guidelines or regulations in disposing of homeopathic remedies, because there is no reason to have any regulations.  For that matter, there is really no reason to dispose of homeopathic remedies.

Unlike over the counter and prescription medications:

  • Homeopathic remedies do not need to be disposed of.  They keep indefinitely.  The ones you buy at the store still work long after their supposed expiration date has passed.  I have had personal success using a remedy that had an expiration date of October 97 printed on the little blue tube. Also, they do not spoil.
  • Homeopathic remedies are not addictive.  There is no incentive to abuse remedies.  There is no potential high from taking a remedy.
  • Homeopathic remedies don’t have a “black” market.
  • Homeopathic remedies don’t need to be burned in a specially licensed incinerator.  (Licensed or not, burning these drugs is of questionable safety, according to a source close to this topic.)
  • Homeopathic remedies are not harmful to the environment, either in the manufacturing process or the disposal process.  There is no concern about wildlife or fish developing an extra gill or leg because someone unknowingly threw away a remedy bottle.  (Don’t even get me started on the damage to the environment from manufacturing pharmaceuticals.)
  • Since many remedies can have hundreds of uses, you can possibly use the remedies for something different in the future.  Just because the retail bottle has a pathology printed on the label doesn’t mean that is the only thing it helps.  Indeed, it may not even help that printed pathology for you, but it may help your friend if he or she has that problem.
  • It is okay to share your acute remedies with your friends.  If your friend injures him or herself, you can safely give him or her Arnica from your remedy collection with no fear of an allergic reaction or a side effect.
  • According the article, the AARP reports that 75% of people age 45 or older take an average of four prescription medications daily.  (WOW!!!!  No wonder it costs businesses so much to offer health care insurance to their employees.  The drug companies must love that.)  In Classical homeopathy, we use one remedy at a time.

So do yourself, the county and the environment a favor.  Next time you need health care, see a homeopath, get a remedy.  You will heal yourself, save money, save the county money and keep the environment safe.



Remedy of the Week #2

With the holidays coming, you or your family may be needing some help from this remedy.

Ailments from too much joy is the description of this remedy.  If you have ever had such a good time that you couldn’t sleep, you may find that you can settle down with this remedy.  This applies to children as well.

There are many insomnia remedies, but for acute insomnia caused by a situation that has been fun and joyful, this one can’t be beat.  If you need this remedy you may also be seeking additional stimulation to build on what you are already feeling, when in fact, you really need to calm down.

To have this remedy waft over you, click here.



Remedy Of The Week

Beginning this week, I will be posting a Remedy of The Week on this Blog.  Many of you want to learn more about remedies and it is a fun way for me to look at them a different way.

I will describe the remedy and then you try to figure out which remedy it is.  To find the answer, click the link.

Thanks, and lets have fun.


People who need this remedy are generally very open and friendly and tend to have a lot of friends.  They are restless and as such like to travel and see the world.  The main theme of this remedy is DIFFUSION.  Everything comes out of them and everything comes back in.  Because of these lack of boundaries, they tend to be fearful.

The people who need it will burn the candle at both ends, either socially or with work, similarly to the natural state of the material dose of this remedy.  They are often weary and very tired.

This lightness and effervescence of this natural substance shows up as a craving of carbonated beverages or feeling better from carbonated beverages in people who are sick.
What Remedy Is It?

Click HERE to find the answer.



Athlete Gets Back on The Court in No Time

My twelve year old son Dylan received his most serious injury of his young sports career this past weekend.

Basketball season has begun.  Although soccer is his best sport, Basketball is a good complementary sport for winter–it helps develop his upper body whereas the focus is on the lower body in soccer.

But it is a contact sport, and often the contact is with the floor.  He got pushed  from behind and fell on his left hip and elbow.

I could see that this was for real.  He winced in pain and could hardly get off the floor.  He did not play the rest of the evening.

We got home, I gave him Arnica for the trauma. Upon closer examination, it appeared he had a hip pointer.

I was not scheduled to be home on Saturday, so I couldn’t keep tabs on how he was really doing.  I was teaching an Acute Care Homeopathy course all day.  During class, I was talking about a remedy called Ruta, which is for shin splints, injuries to the periosteum, sprained ankles and wrists, and is also a specific for injuries to the illiac crest.  As I was teaching, I said, “This is what I need to give Dylan!”  A hip pointer is an injury to the illiac crest.

He felt like the Arnica was helping him, so I waited to see how he was Sunday morning.  It wasn’t looking good for playing that afternoon.  I wasn’t satisfied that he still needed Arnica.  I gave him some Ruta 200c.  Within an hour, he said, “Mom, come and see my hip.”  The bruise was completely gone.  He was running around, feeling MUCH better.  I gave him one more dose before his game. He decided to try warming up at his afternoon basketball game.

Apparently warm ups went well because he played.  He scored 6 points and was unbeatable on defense. They won in overtime.

He was a bit sore in the evening.  I gave him another dose.  He didn’t even mention it this morning.

So all you athletes:  Ruta 200C or higher for hip pointers.  This is an injury which, according to most accounts, takes 1 – 2 weeks to heal.  For Dylan, it took 2 days.  Who knows, if I had switched sooner, it may have been better sooner.

If you need help with an athletic injury, let me know.



Happy Hydrogenium Day!

Today is 11-11-11.  This day won’t happen again for 100 years, so let’s make the best of it.

Hydrogen represents the beginning, an explosion, the start of all things.

The number one is related to new beginnings.  When you put a second number one next to the first, you get the number eleven, which represents a door.  So today is a door to new beginnings x 3.

Hydrogen is the first element on the periodic table.  It is number one. It is about the beginning of time, the big bang theory, the origins of the universe.

As a homeopathic remedy, Hydrogenium represents the beginning, conception, not quite coming into the world.  The people who need it may come across as a bit flaky and flighty.  After all, it is a gas, so why not.

They may be seeking that oneness, that unity with the divine.  They are often spiritual seekers.  There may be a sense that they are under the influence of hallucinogenic drugs, but mostly there is not much drug use on the part of these individuals.  Why would they need to?

They are often haughty, arrogant and egotistical.  After all, they have a connection with the divine and the rest of us don’t.  They can have a difficult time in expressing their spirituality that is helpful and accessible to others.  Once they receive the remedy, they are more likely to have a spiritual nature that is able to create value for others.

BTW, 11-11-11 could also be Natrum (sodium) day, but they are not open, but rather closed down individuals, keeping people out and protecting themselves.  It is just two rows down in the periodic table, but a world apart.

On this Hydrogenium Day, lets all strive for symbiosis and unity with others and reach for that divine state that is within all of us.   Let’s start over at the beginning in any relationships that need improving.  Let’s create value for the world in all things we do.



Fear of Flying and Other Trauma in Airplanes

The vacation is over, as is the poor internet connections, which prevented me from posting as often as I had planned.

Trauma in an airplane--helped by Homeopathy

On the way home, my sons, 12 and 15, got to sit together in the very back row of the plane.  My husband and I were split apart.  My kids got to sit next to someone who normally got sick while flying.  YAY!.  Glad it was them and not me.  Apparently the poor fellow spent at least 45 minutes in the bathroom during the 2 hour flight.

Had he been fortunate enough to be sitting next to a homeopath who had her remedy kit handy in the plane (that would be me), the homeopath would have considered these remedies.

First, if the issue was related to the up and down motion of the airplane, which one can experience during turbulence, take offs and landings, I would have given him Borax.  This is a remedy that has the symptom of being worse from up and down motion.  Another remedy to consider for motion sickness is Cocculus indicus.  I believe I mentioned this as a jet lag remedy, but it is also a great remedy for motion sickness in airplanes and boats.  There are actually 61 remedies for nausea caused by motion.  Another one to consider is  Nux Vomica, a good all purpose remedy, especially for nausea from over indulgence.  So if too many drinks at the airport bar was the source of the distress–and this is not too far a stretch if the fellow was nervous about flying and wanted to calm his nerves–Nux Vomica would be the first choice.  If anxiety about potential death and chills were in the picture, try Arsenicum.  Homeopathic Tobacco, or Tabaccum, is another motion sickness remedy.  This remedy is also very chilly, but feels more distressed by the illness than by the thought of possibly dying in a plane crash. Like a child who sneaks his dad’s cigarettes, it also includes dizziness along with the nausea.

Sometimes it is hard to separate fear of flying from motion sickness.  There are many remedies for fear of flying, and it really depends on what the fear is about.  If you are certain that death is imminent, consider Aconite before the flight and during the flight.  If the fear of death includes nausea and chills, consider Arsenicum.  Argentum nitricum, common name Silver nitrate, is a remedy for fear of flying that would also include claustrophobia.  Aconite also has this symptom, but the emphasis is on death in Aconite, where as the closed in spaces would be the prominent symptom in Argentum nitricum.  Arg Nit is a warm remedy as well.

Another option is Bach Rescue Remedy prior to and during the flight.  You could also have someone familiar with Bach Flowers to mix a customized blend of Bach flowers to match your situations and symptoms.

There are many possibilities to help make your flight more enjoyable, short of drinking yourself into oblivion before and during the flight. If these options don’t help or match your symptoms, call a professional homeopath to help.




Blisters and Burns

I do not make it a habit of wearing new shoes on vacation.  This trip is no exception.  I brought along a pair of yoga sandals (instead of just a strap between the big toe and the second toe, there is a tab between each toe).  I have had these sandals for years.  So I didn’t anticipate any problems.

Yesterday while walking on the beach, I developed a blister on the top of my foot.  Perhaps it was a grain of sand caught under the top strap.  Maybe a pearl would have developed if I had kept it up long enough.  But I think the better explanation is that I was walking with my husband and he is always in too big a hurry.  I didn’t develop a blister, but I might have had the walk continued.

Blisters can ruin a vacation.  It’s hard to believe such a small thing can have such a big impact.  Kind of like when you get a paper cut.  It hurts like the devil, but it is so tiny.

A good remedy for blisters is Causticum.  Take it in a 12C, 30C or 30x as needed for pain and blisters and it will do wonders.  I still recommend adhesive bandages to protect the blister from getting further irritation.

As long as you have it along for blisters, you could also take it for a burn.  Perhaps you are like me and you like to burn candles when you are in your vacation place because it smells funky.  If you go somewhere warm, a sunburn can need a remedy as well.  Causticum would work for a mild sunburn.  Cantharis for a more severe and sunburn.  I remember many years ago, my husband wasn’t watching what he was going and instead of grabbing the handle of the grill, he touched the lid of the grill.  OUCH!  He came in and asked if I had a remedy for a burn, as he was running his hand under cold water.  I suggested Causticum.  Within seconds, the pain went away.  BTW, running a burn under warm water and then gradually changing to cold is a more homeopathic way to deal with a burn.

Senator Paul Wellstone likely needed Causticum for his MS.

I may have mentioned Causticum before, but if not, I likely will again.  Causticum is the brainchild of Samuel Hahnemann, MD, the founder of the principals of homeopathy.  It is a cooked up mineral soup which consists of potassium and sulphur as just a couple of ingredients.  As a constitutional remedy it is a Kali remedy.  Kali remedies like rules and family is important.  Kali Carbonicum is the backbone of America.  Hard working, do as they are told.  America wouldn’t have been America without Kali’s.  Causticum, interestingly, is a Kali, so it has some Kali physical symptoms, but it is the anti-rule Kali.  They work on behalf of people and animals and plants who can’t work on their own behalf.  Think of the tree-huggers.  Former Senator Paul Wellstone, may he rest in peace, likely needed Causticum for his Multiple Sclerosis.

Causticum–don’t leave home without it.



Two More Remedies to Assure Continued Beach Fun

As I was walking along the beach this morning, I thought of two remedies that would be important to have along on your vacation, especially if you are going to play on the beach or go barefoot.

Staphysagria is first.  It is normally thought of as a constitutional remedy for suppressed anger.  But it has specific uses for cuts.  If someone has surgery and there is pain located on the incision itself, Staphysagria will take care of that in short order.  As I saw some sharp shell fragments on the beach, I thought that it would be easy to cut one’s foot.  I would take Arnica first, but if the cut itself is painful, take Staphysagria.  It is different than a puncture wound, so it would require a different remedy.

Silica is a remedy made from sand.  Kind of ironic that it is a good beach remedy.  One of the really cool things Silica does is to expel foreign objects from under the skin.  I remember one day my son got a sliver under his nail before school.  I have no idea what he was doing that he managed to pull that off so early in the morning. It was painful and I couldn’t get to it with a tweezer.  I sent him to school after giving him a dose of Silica.  I told him that if it wasn’t better by lunch he should go to the nurse’s office and I would come over with another dose.

I didn’t hear from him.  After school I asked him about it.  His response was, “I don’t know when it came out, but by lunch, it was gone.”  YAY!  I would use a 30C or a 30x.

Just a cautionary note, Silica will also push out things you may need in your body, so ignore this if you have screws in a bone or something like that.



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