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Who is the Authority on “Cures”? Part 2

Hear This! I am the authority!

Why would you rely on the statements of a western medicine doctor as to whether there is to “cure” to evaluate the possibilities offered by a natural health modality?  Do they study the alternatives? (Most often, the answer is NO).  So why would you think they would know whether or not homeopathy (or acupuncture or chiropractic, etc.) can help?  Why would you allow them to be the authority?  This I do not understand.  Would you ask a lawn care expert questions about building your deck?  Yes, they both have to do with the exterior of your home, but that is where the similarities end.

I would not want to be the authority on Western Medicine.  Even if I knew much about it, what I know is colored by my natural health affinity.  Similarity, anything an MD knows about homeopathy or natural health in general is also deeply influenced by their education.

It is also important to note that no matter what the affliction, Western Medicine Doctors will almost always say, “There is no evidence to prove that works.”  I am the proud owner of a 300+ page ebook which outlines all the research that has been done on homeopathy.  In fact, I just got a new, updated version of the book earlier this week with two new chapters about new topics which have been researched.  Much of the research is done in other countries where research is still funded by independent parties who do not stand to benefit on the outcome of the research. Some people in the US are rather provincial and they think that research done in other countries doesn’t count.  I disagree.  Generally, with some ethnic exceptions for certain pathology, the human body works pretty much the same everywhere on the planet.

In telling you about this supposed lack of knowledge, MD’s are assuming you will not look anything up or if you tried, you would not find the information easily.  I encourage you to go to and order Dana Ullmann’s Homeopathic Family Medicine ebook which will give you 2 years of updates to the book via e-mail. It is reasonably priced around $50.00 for a book that gets updated 2 – 3 times per year.

So the correct response to that comment is, “Do you ever read research on homeopathy (or whatever they are denying)?”  or “What are your sources to make that statement?”

I recently received an inquiry about Lyme’s disease and the CEASE protocol.  This person’s naturopath says there is no way to recover from Chronic Lyme’s disease.  My experience is different and this naturopath, although he may have studied a few months of homeopathy, isn’t familiar with the protocol I would follow.  Where is the curiosity?

Let’s be clear—this is ultimately about the money.  You just need to go to online chat rooms and discussion boards to know that people are pretty jaded about the ability to cure any disease through raising money to support research.  Most people who have put themselves out there year after year and have seen no cure any closer than it was 5 – 10 years ago get pretty disillusioned and feel taken advantage of.  Usually it comes down to, “they would lose their stream of money of they found a cure.”  Yep.

There’s a lot of money to be made keeping people sick and selling them drugs.

So homeopaths, naturopaths, acupuncturists, etc, rely on word of mouth to keep their businesses going, because they don’t have a lifelong stream of income from people who get well.  I actually do have clients I rarely see any more or possibly never see any more.

So if someone says there is no cure for something, assume that it only applies to Western Medicine and continue your quest for recovery.

The last iteration of this type of conversation came about in a conversation where I was asked about help with a particular acute situation that arises for this individual.  I suggested that he could also get help with a number of other problems he happened to mention.  He said, “Oh, I’m managing those just fine with the medication.”  It hadn’t occurred to him that there may be another way.  So he wasn’t told there was no way to recover, he hadn’t actually asked.

There are problems with relying on the Western Medicine as well.  Briefly, these include but are not limited to:

  • Medicines are generally toxic and they stress the kidneys or liver
  • Medicines usually suppress symptoms and your dis-ease ends up being expressed in a different way if it is suppressed long enough
  • It is expensive to be on medication for a long time

The upshot is, there is a great deal of empirical and historical evidence about the efficacy of homeopathy.  Relying on an MD’s (or even a naturopath’s) knowledge of the world of homeopathy isn’t going to yield an informed opinion.  And lastly, think outside the proverbial box.  Much dis-ease you may be managing with dangerous drugs can be healed with Homeopathy.

Let me know if you need help.



Who is the Authority on “Cures?” Part 1

When I have had a similar conversation with at least three people on the same topic, it is time to write a blog about it.

The most recent?  The belief that because Western medicine, or naturopathic medicine says something cannot be “cured”, then no other modality can cure it either.

I believe this stems from the belief that if it (fill in the blank with the disease with which you or your loved one is afflicted) could be “cured” then surely, western medicine or naturopathic medicine would know about it and would, therefore, be using that cure.  I remember reading an interview with the late Patrick Swayze when he was dying of pancreatic cancer–which is almost always a death sentence.  That was his viewpoint.  If there was a way to deal with it, the doctors would be doing that.  Sadly, that viewpoint didn’t work so well for him.  I am not suggesting anything that could have helped him here–I’m just thinking that if I had a disease that was basically a death sentence, I wouldn’t be stopping with just western medicine.  The more tools in the toolbox, the better.

Before I continue, I need to mention that use of the word “cure” is actually forbidden by anyone but a western medicine practitioner, so I will use the word “Heal” or phrase “Recover from”.  And frankly, they don’t have any “cures” so imagine my puzzlement that they can use it and we can’t.  Oh Well.  Recovery is really a much better description and a much more spiritual concept.

Even though I can’t use the word “cure”, I was curious about the definition, so I made my way to  There are lots of definitions, some of which involve meat, but the one ones I like are:  “a means of healing or restoring to health; remedy” and “A method or course of remedial treatment, as for disease” and “successful remedial treatment; restoration to health”.  And of course, “remedial” means “to remedy something.”  So it definitely applies to homeopathy, especially since we use remedies, but since I can’t use the actual word, we’ll just rely on the definition and my substitutions indicated above.

Let’s start with the big ones:  ALS, Type 1 Diabetes (also known as Juvenile Diabetes), autoimmune disorders, etc.  Floating the idea that there is no way to recover from any of these illnesses does a disservice to those who suffer from them.  Western Medicine can only at best manage them and at worst, suppress the immune system to prevent the symptoms from reappearing.  Maybe there are other options…but they don’t happen to be part of the elusive standard of care.  With many of these diseases, the sooner you go on the suppressive drugs, the harder it is for the natural methods to work.

What about other diseases, that aren’t so new and have a longer track record with natural medicine, homeopathy in particular.  Graves Disease is a good example.  Western medicine has a drug which can put the disease into remission.  If it doesn’t work, the solution is drinking the radioactive iodine to kill the thyroid and then be on synthetic thyroid the rest of your life.  Let’s examine homeopathy and Grave’s disease.  But first, a bit of back ground information.

In order to determine what a new remedy heals, the new potentized substance is given to 20 – 30 healthy individuals.  This is called a proving.  The participants (provers) each take a dose of the remedy and then start journaling their symptoms.  After a few weeks, the provers get together to discuss their symptoms and a pattern starts to develop.  Over time, the new remedy gets added to the homeopathic Materia Medica (which is a list of symptoms belonging to each remedy) and also to the Repertory.  The Repertory is a very large book which lists symptoms and under each symptom are the remedies that are known to be produced in a healthy person when the proving was conducted.  However, both of these references also include Clinical information.  A proving won’t produce Grave’s Disease or Cancer or anything really serious like that.  But based on other symptoms, it was found through practical use on a number of clients, to help recover from some pathologies.

The Homeopathic Repertory has a symptom for Grave’s Disease.  It has 88 remedies in it.  Since provings do not produce pathological symptoms like that, it means that these references all come from clinical experience.  Scrolling through the sources of the remedies, there are some long standing, highly respected homeopaths who have reported recovery from Grave’s Disease. Some of the references go back to the late 1800’s and early 1900.  So is there a “cure” for it?  Not according to Western Medicine, but according to the people who know homeopathy there is a way to recover.

More Tomorrow.




Back to School with Homeopathy

Homeopathy can help make school better.

It is hard to believe it is August already.  That means that school starts in less than a month, at least in Minnesota, where, by state law, most schools aren’t allowed to start before Labor Day.

Summer seems like a good time to relax and not have to deal with the hustle and bustle of the school year if you have children.  But with the start of school, many of the old problems crop up again.  Maybe your child is anxious about school, maybe there is some ADD/ADHD you are dealing with, or asthma during Gym class.  (Just thinking about Middle School Gym class takes my breath away—and not from the exertion.)

Maybe it is time to not have to deal with those problems anymore.  Homeopathy can help.  Here are just a few ways:

Shots:  Those back to school shots are “required” at certain grades.  The reason “required” is in quotation marks is because that is what the Minnesota Department of Health would like you to believe.  Fortunately, in Minnesota, we have Conscientious Objector status available to parents and their children.  If you don’t wish to vaccinate your child, you can complete a form, have it notarized and turn it in.  The form is readily available on line or in the school district office.  There are really only a couple of states where there are no exemptions possible.

But what if you are concerned about the childhood diseases?  It is true that as children get older, some of the diseases are less of a concern, but others can show up worse in a teenager.  That is actually the rationale behind the order of the vaccine schedule.  If you are concerned about this, Homeopathy has an answer in Homeoprophylaxis (HP).  Homeopathy has been helping to prevent disease since the early 1800’s when Samuel Hahnemann used homeopathic remedies to ward off scarlet fever, typhoid, and other diseases that were going around in epidemic proportions at the time.

Instead of going through the diseases, you can have the energetic disease without the symptoms of the disease, and still receive protection from those diseases.  It takes about 3 years to complete the basic HP program.

Anxiety:  Some students just simply don’t function well in school.  Perhaps there is a subject which they don’t understand, maybe some performance anxiety or the dreaded social issues, which often seem impossible to tackle.

There are homeopathic remedies for the kid who gets picked on, or sweaty hands and shaky knees during public speaking class.  Even Learning Difficulties can be helped with homeopathy.  Remember, homeopathy isn’t just about physical symptoms, but mental and emotional ones as well.

ADD/ADHD:  I’m very excited to put into practice the new training I received in May.  I wrote a blog about CEASE therapy for Autistic kids.  It turns out that it can also help some ADD/ADHD symptoms as well.  Not every child would need the CEASE protocol, but many can be helped with it, and if not, then good old fashioned Classical Homeopathy can also help.

There is still time to make the school year better with Homeopathy.  Call if you need help.



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