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Homeopathic Alternatives to Tylenol–Part 2

Homeopathic Alternatives for Injuries

Arnica Montana:  This is a remedy for trauma, or anything that feels like trauma.  Aches and pains associated with overuse of muscles. It may hurt to move.  It will likely feel better with ice, but may feel better with warmth. The person who needs Arnica often feels they don’t need anything.  “I’m fine,

Headers in Soccer can cause injuires

really!!”  You may find it helpful after an athletic event to help the body heal itself.  Gardening in the spring after being housebound all winter.  Tripping and falling, bruising oneself, etc.  Arnica is great post-surgery, dental extractions, etc.  Always try Arnica first unless the symptoms are drastically different from Arnica symptoms.

Bryonia:  This is a remedy for anything that feels worse from movement and better from being wrapped.  Often the next remedy after Arnica. Fear of moving may be a component.  The person may be grumpy and wish to be left alone.  The person may be very restless, but the motion makes them worse.

Rhus Tox:  This is a remedy for any injury that feels worse on first motion, better on continued motion, but eventually gets worse from motion again.  Rhus Tox is better from heat—the hotter the better. One may be reminded of arthritis with this type of pain—where someone can’t quite open the jar in the morning, but once their fingers are nimble, they can open anything, until the end of the day.  (Indeed Rhus Tox is one of many arthritis remedies.)  The person may be very restless, and the motion makes them feel better.

Bellis Perennis:  This remedy is for deep trauma and bruises:  deep muscle injuries, abdominal or pelvic trauma, surgery, etc.  Worse from warm bathing, cold drinks, becoming cold.  Better:  Cold applications to the part.  Also a remedy for injuries and inflammation of the nerves.  It is difficult to find this remedy in a store, for some reason.

Hypericum:  Injuries to nerve rich areas—fingers, tongue, genitals.  Sharp pains shoot upward from injured spot.  Great for dental work where the pain feels more neuralgic than traumatic.

Conium:  Injuries, especially to the glands, such as testicles, breasts, etc.

Lachesis:  Serious bruises with throbbing, pulsing pains.  Bruises sells and turn rapidly a dark purple or even black in color.  Worse:  Any amount of heat.  Better:  Cold.

Ruta:  Bruises to the periosteum, where the bone is close to the surface, such as the tibia, iliac crest, etc.  Also good for shin splints, where wrapping aggravates the condition.

There are many more common injury remedies.  The important thing to know is that one size doesn’t fit all in homeopathy.  You must choose the correct, or close to correct, remedy, or it won’t work.


One common use for over the counter pain relievers is for headaches.  I often get asked what to take for a headache.  Will Arnica work? Is the most common question.  Arnica may work, if you got hit in the head with something and as a result have a headache. Nux Vomica will work if you have a headache because you had too much to drink. Belladonna will work if you have a headache from being overheated and your face is really red.

But garden variety headaches that one gets frequently or even occasionally are considered chronic conditions and a constitutional consultation with a professional homeopath is required to resolve them.

For more information on using homeopathy instead of Tylenol, please consider taking one of my classes.  Go to my website to read more about upcoming classes.



Homeopathic Alternatives to Tylenol–Part 1

The Wall Street Journal on 7/7/09 presented a lengthy article on the problems associated with Tylenol, also known as acetaminophen.  This isn’t the first time I’ve heard this information. I recall an article in Forbes magazine many years Alternatives to Tylenolago entitled “Johnson & Johnson’s Dirty Little Secret.”  It was filled with information on the dangers of routinely giving your youngster Children’s Tylenol for every small ailment, even if you are following the recommended dose.  Given I had small children at the time, I quickly learned what I needed to know about homeopathy so I could avoid Tylenol for colds, fevers, teething, normal toddler bumps and bruises, etc.

Here’s the bottom line with Tylenol safety issues:  it is very easy to overdose, and it is difficult to know you are overdosing.  Your liver starts to fail.  The margin between a safe dose and a potentially lethal one is very small.  The symptoms of Tylenol overdose are like flu symptoms, so one may be encouraged to actually take MORE Tylenol, in the form of Tylenol Cold or Tylenol Flu.  There is an antidote to acetaminophen (imagine that!!) but it has to be given within 12 hours, which can be well before symptoms of an overdose have showed themselves.

The liver is capable of regenerating from some injuries, that is not the case with acetaminophen poisoning.  According to Dr. Timothy Collins, a neurologist at Duke University, “every cell is being damaged at once.”

What to do?  What to do?

It is a well known fact that illnesses and injuries take longer to heal when the fever or the inflammation is suppressed. I’ve even read this in some allopathic medical books. Fevers are a good thing.  So although you may be uncomfortable, it is best to let the fever do its work unless the person who is sick is seizing.  My own experience is that my kids won’t rest if the fever is suppressed.  They want to get up and play.  A fever forces kids and adults to do what they need to do to get better:  sleep!  Temporary inflammation is part of the body’s way of healing injuries.

Homeopathy can help!  Homeopathy is not a one size fits all system of medicine, so you can’t simply go to the medicine cabinet and take out the same remedy for everything, although many people have tried to fit it into that box.

Homeopathy is safe!  While it is possible to take too much of a remedy, thus developing some additional symptoms, these symptoms will go away when you discontinue the remedy.  YOUR LIVER IS UNAFFECTED BY HOMEOPATHIC REMEDIES!!!

Watch the blog posting tomorrow for specific suggestions on homeopathic alternatives to Tylenol.



Happy Birthday

Twelve years ago today I gave birth to my second son, Dylan.  Since our first topic is homeopathy and family, it seems appropriate to give some time to the topic of Homeopathy and birth and babies.

Homeopathy and Families

Birth is a pretty traumatic experience.  For both mother and baby.  Our number one trauma remedy, assuming the birth process was normal (whatever that means these days in hospital births), is Arnica.  Arnica can be given to the mother after transition, after birth and given to the baby after birth as well.  Definitely give the baby 30c.  Mother, well, it depends on how sensitive she is.  200C seems about right for most.

The story of one’s birth is very important and helpful in coming up with a homeopathic remedy.  I have one client who came to me, full well knowing that her birth story was the source of her health problems.  Her doctors weren’t as interested in it as I was.  If your birth was normal, it won’t really influence remedy choices.  But anything remotely beyond an easy birth with no interventions may produce a story worthy of considering.

Children get sick.  Believe it or not, it is good for children to get acute illnesses.  It is a way to develop a generalized immune response.  Just like getting in shape by exercising, an acute illness can help children’s immune system get in shape as well.  But when your child does get sick, a good remedy to consider is Pulsatilla.  Pulsatilla is the velcro baby.  Baby gets very sad if you put him down.  He may have a cough, or an ear infection.  But if he wants to be held and seems better if you bring him outside, consider Pulsatilla.  A related and rhyming remedy is Chamomilla.  Chamomilla is like Pulsatilla, but not only do they like to be held, they want you to move around.  Just holding them or sitting while holding is not sufficient for the Chamomilla baby.  This baby gets more mad than sad as Pulsatilla does.  She may also have a red face or cheeks, perhaps one cheek red and the other not.  He may have green stools as well.  It is a good teething remedy as well.

Just knowing these three remedies–Arnica for trauma such as birth or injuries, Pulsatilla and Chamomilla for weepy, clingy babies will resolve a lot of heart ache and help you get more sleep.

Happy Birthday, Dylan.



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